Elevating Your Chicago Event with a Water Slide Rental from 123 Moonwalks

In the heart of summer, nothing says fun like a splash down a giant water slide. Chicago, with its vibrant event scene, from backyard parties to large community gatherings, offers the perfect backdrop for adding a bit of wet and wild excitement with inflatable water slide rental Chicago. 123 Moonwalks, a leading provider in the Chicago area for inflatable rentals, brings you an extensive selection of water slide rentals that promise to be the highlight of any event. Here’s how to choose the perfect water slide rental for your next Chicago event.

Understanding the Appeal of Water Slide Rentals

Water slides are not just about cooling off; they're about creating unforgettable moments, especially with the best water slide rentals in Chicago. Here’s why they’re a must-have for your event:

  • Universal Appeal: Suitable for all ages, water slides are a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Variety of Options: From giant slides to inflatable obstacle courses, there’s a slide for every type of event and thrill level.
  • Safe Fun: With 123 Moonwalks, safety comes first, ensuring a worry-free experience for hosts and guests at any party rental.

Choosing the Right Water Slide Rental

When selecting a water slide for your Chicago event, consider the following to ensure you get the perfect match:

Assess Your Space

  • Location Size: Ensure your venue has enough space for the water slide setup, including room for access and safety barriers, especially if you're considering a large inflatable water slide rental in Chicago.

Know Your Audience

  • Age Range: Choose a slide that’s appropriate for the age group of your guests to ensure everyone has a great time at your Chicago bounce party.

Match the Event Theme

  • Themed Slides for Chicago block parties.: 123 Moonwalks offers water slide rental Chicago themes to complement your event’s theme, enhancing the overall experience.

Featured Water Slides from 123 Moonwalks

123 Moonwalks boasts a selection of water slides, including inflatable water slides that cater to every preference and event type in the Chicago area. Here are some highlights:

For the Thrill-Seekers

  • 18ft Mega Block Slide ($599.00): Towering and thrilling, perfect for adrenaline junkies.
  • Blue Crush Dual Lane ($799.00) - the ultimate water slide for rent for Chicago events.: Race down side by side for some competitive fun.

Family-Friendly Options

  • All Party Slip and Slide ($499.00): A gentle option for families with young children.
  • Tropical Paradise Slide Combo: Combines a slide with a bounce house for double the fun.

Theme-Based Slides

  • Tropical Dual Lane ($699.00): Bring a slice of paradise to your Chicago event.
  • Enchanted Forest Dual Slide Combo with Pool ($429.00) - a great choice for your next party rental in Chicago.: Perfect for fairy tale-themed parties.

Safety and Quality: The 123 Moonwalks Promise

Choosing 123 Moonwalks means opting for:

  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Every water slide meets strict safety certifications, making them a secure addition to any Chicago block party rental.
  • Professional Setup and Takedown: Ensuring stability and security for all users, ideal for bounce house rentals and more in Chicago.
  • Hygiene and Maintenance: Slides are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Making Your Chicago Event a Splash Hit

Water slides from 123 Moonwalks add not just excitement but also a visual spectacle to your event, promising memorable moments for guests. Here’s how to make the most of your rental:

  • Plan Ahead for your next block party with a water slide for rent.: Book early, especially for summer events, to ensure availability.
  • Safety First: Ensure adult supervision and follow all safety guidelines provided by 123 Moonwalks.
  • Hydration Station: Set up a nearby area for guests to hydrate and cool off.

Booking Your Water Slide with 123 Moonwalks

Ready to dive into the fun? Booking with 123 Moonwalks is easy for your next inflatable water slide rental Chicago.

  1. Browse the Selection: Visit the 123 Moonwalks website to view the full range of water slide rentals, including the latest in Chicago water slide rental options.
  2. Get in Touch: Contact 123 Moonwalks to discuss your event needs and finalize your rental.
  3. Enjoy: Watch as your event becomes the talk of the town with a standout water slide feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does 123 Moonwalks offer?

123 Moonwalks provides a wide range of party rental services including rental of inflatables, bounce houses, water slides, slide combos, obstacle courses, and more for block parties and birthday parties.

How can I book a rental with 123 Moonwalks?

To book a rental with 123 Moonwalks, simply contact us via phone or email. You can also find our selection of inflatable water slides and party rentals on our website.

Do you offer water slide rentals in Chicago?

Yes, we offer water slide rental in Chicago as well as inflatable water slides for rent in the Chicago area. Our best water slide rentals are perfect for summer parties.

What types of inflatables do you have available for rent?

123 Moonwalks offers a variety of inflatables including bounce houses, water slides, slide combos, and obstacle courses suitable for all types of events.

Do you provide dry slides as well?

Yes, in addition to water slide rentals, we also have dry slides available for rent to add more fun to your event.

Can I rent a bounce house in Chicago from 123 Moonwalks?

Absolutely! We offer bounce house rentals in Chicago, including a selection of inflatables, water slides, and more to make your party a hit.


Water slide rentals in Chicago offer a unique way to elevate any event, providing fun, excitement, and a cool escape from the summer heat. With 123 Moonwalks, you’re guaranteed a seamless rental experience, from selection to post-event takedown. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, corporate event, or community festival, a water slide rental from 123 Moonwalks ensures your event is a splash success. Please contact us for the best in water slide rentals in Chicago. Contact us today to find the perfect water slide for your next Chicago event and make it an unforgettable adventure for all your guests.

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