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Actual Size: 13'L x 13'W

Outlets: 1



Let  the battle begin!!  With these sumo suits you can be the biggest, strongest, and funniest sumo wrestler at your next party! These are foam-filled Sumo Costume suits, complete with the Sumo-style Wig Helmets designed for safety, and the Miwashi belt (A.K.A. = Diaper). Half the fun is looking like a 300 pound sumo wrestler!  The rules are : 2 participants will take of their shoes off, wear sumo safety gears and be on opposite sides. They will try to push, pull, knock over or wrestle the opponent off the mat. They can also just have fun bumping and throwing their huge sumo bodies while audiences are having the same fun watching them which really make this the best for any event! Get suited up and show them what you got!

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